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LASER hair removal

what is GME Diode Laser?

Your Cenoté laser specialist will  provide professional and custom laser hair removal options to suit all your needs. We offer the most versatile cutting edge diode laser on the market: the GME Diode Laser. 

The diode laser has one of the largest spot sizes, making treatments fast and efficient. The GME Diode’s sapphire crystal has an intuitive cooling system to ensure that you have a comfortable, virtually pain-free, laser hair removal experience. 

As the human skin has millions of hair follicles in various phases of growth, laser hair removal is performed over a series of treatments. The laser is only able to destroy the hair follicles that are in their active phase of growth. Therefore, treatments are generally spaced over 4-8 week intervals. As everyone’s skin tone, hair texture, and growth patterns differ, we recommend a consultation with one of the Cenoté specialists who can develop a custom treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. The skilled team ensures that the methods of hair removal meet the highest quality and safety standards.